“Thank you so much for your time earlier today. It was great meeting you (if only over the phone) and it was wonderful to realize that Horizon Aromatics will be able to meet me and my clients’ needs.”
~Fragrance & Branding Consultant, February 2016
“Thank you for sending those out so quick – they all smell great.”

~Residential & Commercial Pressure Washing Customer, June 2016
“Thank you very much. As soon as they arrive I will start using them for masking the odor. Hope to have a winner!”
~Cosmetic Nail Polish Manufacturer, June 2016
Appreciate your prompt response. Thanks for this significant information.
~Scented Marker Manufacturer, June 2016
You guys are so wonderful!
Household Odor Control Specialist, August 2016
How the heck [do] you get our orders shipped out so quickly.
Arts & Crafts Manufacturer, September 2016
Your product is unmatched, we are happy to have the opportunity to use with our process.Thank you.
Cleaning Specialist, September 2016
Horizon Aromatics - Candle Masking Agents Fragrances

Covering up formula odors is easy.

We have a simple 1-2-3 process.

Requesting a sample is easy

  1. Describe the problem here by answering a few quick questions.
  2. We will customize a solution and send samples ASAP.
  3. You test the samples & confirm the problem is solved.

Bad odors & complaints disappear, 1-2-3.

Scenting Consumer Products made easy

Tell us what you want & samples arrive quickly.

Most samples ship in 24 hours.

Know what you want?  Tell us here and receive your samples within a couple days.

Increase Sales by Engaging all 5 Senses

Stating the obvious, your customers often make very subjective decisions.  Paint & Coatings companies are in the color business.  Color…

  • Compliments performance
  • Creates mood & enhances experience

Our five senses want to be involved in every buying decision.  When you visit a restaurant, studies confirm you’re deciding how the food will taste before you’ve taken a bite. The…

  • Friendliness & attentiveness of the staff
  • Presentation of the food on your plate

What the food actually tastes like often confirms what you’re already thinking.

Subjective, maybe, but no less valid to the diner.  This happens with cars, house paint, and the markers our kids use for school.

  • Color, tactile feel, & smell are very important.
  • Perceptions are incredibly important.

Now, for the sake of full disclosure, fragrances usually do not make your products work better.  Fragrances do not improve technical performance as measured quantitatively.  Fragrances do not improve…

  • Freeze-thaw stability or weather-ability
  • Adhesion or weld-strength – too much fragrance hurts these properties
  • Shelf-life or rheology

But, that’s OK.  They don’t have too.  Your always adding ingredients that don’t necessarily improve performance.  Defoamers, biocides & UV Absorbers help keep formulas working in unpredictable environments.

Fragrances, malodor neutralizers & deodorants are a great way to engage the subjective side of consumer buying and insure you make a great 1st impression.

At least, that’s what they’re supposed to do.  I also see complaints skyrocket when bad odor emanate from a consumer or industrial product.  Bad smells send customers to your competitors or your lawyers.

When you positively engage your customers senses, all five senses including odor, sales go up!

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