“We are very happy with the customer service we have been receiving from Anne and hope to switch some other fragrances over as well.”
~Scented Plastic Manufacturer, March 2017
“Thank you for sending those out so quick – they all smell great.”

~Residential & Commercial Pressure Washing Customer, June 2016
“Thank you very much. As soon as they arrive I will start using them for masking the odor. Hope to have a winner!”
~Cosmetic Nail Polish Manufacturer, June 2016
Appreciate your prompt response. Thanks for this significant information.
~Scented Marker Manufacturer, June 2016
You guys are so wonderful!
Household Odor Control Specialist, August 2016
How the heck [do] you get our orders shipped out so quickly.
Arts & Crafts Manufacturer, September 2016
Your product is unmatched, we are happy to have the opportunity to use with our process.Thank you.
Cleaning Specialist, September 2016
Very helpful information. By the way, your lab’s recommendations align very well with our test results.
Automotive Aftermarket Supplier, November 2016
Thank you so much for your quick and thorough response. This is in good part why I took this business and our problem to you.
Consumer Products Company, December 2016

Choosing the right fragrance is difficult.  We can help in 2 easy steps.

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  • Tell us about the problem with a quick & simple form.
  • We will send the right fragrance to create a great aroma and/or mask chemical odors.
Request a FREE Sample to test without obligation.

Fragrances can cause compatibility problems.  We know formulations.

  • Tell us what you’re looking for with a quick & simple form.
  • We will send the right fragrance your customers will love.
  • We will send samples quickly without obligation.
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Request a FREE Sample to test without obligation.

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Your getting complaints, sales are lagging, you want to create excitement & engage the customer.  The right fragrance will get the job done.  Tell us what you’re looking for, and we will tap into our library of thousands of active fragrances.  We will send a few samples quickly to evaluate.  You have nothing to lose; ask a question or request a sample today.