“Thank you so much for your time earlier today. It was great meeting you (if only over the phone) and it was wonderful to realize that Horizon Aromatics will be able to meet me and my clients’ needs.”
~Fragrance & Branding Consultant, February 2016
“Thank you for sending those out so quick – they all smell great.”
~Residential & Commercial Pressure Washing Customer, June 2016
“Thank you very much. As soon as they arrive I will start using them for masking the odor. Hope to have a winner!”
~Cosmetic Nail Polish Manufacturer

Here’s what we do…

We hide unpleasant odors in industrial products…

We create great scents in consumer products…

Products & formulations are always changing.  New solvents, plasticizers, and additives often have unpleasant, chemical odors that create complaints with customers, plant workers, and even neighbors.

We mask unpleasant, chemical odors with fragrance.  We match the right odor with your application from a vast library of fragrances.

Over & over, we hear chemists, plant operators, and customers love how just the right fragrance eliminates complaints.

The best brands engage all our senses.  Color, feel, and smell have a significant impact on your perception of a product, sometimes even more so than performance.  You’ve had customers complain before they even tried your product.

We’ve helped Candle companies develop holiday themes and Arts & Crafts brands match color palettes with aroma.  We create fragrances that build brand loyalty and enhance the experiences of your customers.

An engaged customer is good for business.

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