Textile Deodorants

We have two specific TEXTILE  DEODORANTS:

One is widely used in the textile industry in delayed-cure finishes to cover the odors of formaldehyde and amines that may develop during applications and later during cutting and pressing.

The other masking agent is used to cover odors of formaldehyde and amines which may build up in packaged fabrics.

Four ounces of either of these deodorants is dispersed in 100 gallons of the final bath.  They are self-emulsifying, substantive to fabric and will withstand high drying and processing temperatures.  They are neutral, nonionic and compatible with all the reagents used in textile processing and treatment.

For finished garments made from untreated fabrics, one small drop of deodorant applied to an inside seam will neutralize all formaldehyde odors.

Many mills are now using these deodorants, perhaps you can too.