About Horizon Aromatics

We help businesses solve product odor problems by creating strong, affordable fragrances that customers love.

Horizon Aromatics is a fragrance supplier specializing in the creation of high-quality scents to overcome unwanted chemical odors. By formulating custom smells for a variety of applications, we help product formulators deliver exceptional results that delights customers and stands out in a crowded market.

We’ve helped thousands of businesses avoid stagnant sales and declining brand reputation by expertly enhancing products and eliminating customer complaints about stinky odor.

Strong and affordable fragrances

Applications expertise

Sales & Customer Service Teams working together to help customers

Meet Our Team

Ron Smith

Founder & President

If it smells good, it sells good. My first boss said this to me over 30 years ago. I will never forget those words. They drive what we do at Horizon Aromatics. People buying cosmetics, candles, and air fresheners expect pleasant smelling products. It’s true in industrial applications like paints, coatings, rubber, and plastics too. Bad odors turn away customers. Horizon is committed to helping you make great products your customers love.

It is critical Horizon understands how fragrances compliment performance. There’s a myriad of regulatory and performance standards you cannot compromise. Trained as a chemical engineer and formulator, plus working with companies in many different applications, my expertise will benefit every Horizon customer.

Anne Killeen

Sales Director

People do business with people. So, Customer Service is critical to your positive experience. That is what I do. Take ownership of problems. Provide timely solutions. That is what I have done for over 20 years in the chemical industry.

It is important every Horizon customer be able to quickly & easily talk to people, who will listen and help. I have created a sales and customer service teams that work together to deliver strong and affordable fragrances.

R&D Team

The R&D Team at Horizon shows up every day working for our customers. Strong and affordable fragrances is Job #1. Over 100 years of perfume & formulation expertise among our R&D Team has cemented this conviction. Frankly, making costly fragrances is easy – use expensive ingredients. Making cheap fragrances is easy – use cheap ingredients. Value and creativity is making pleasant, long-lasting fragrances that are affordable in every application. That’s what we do.