Arts & Crafts Fragrance

Stimulate the Senses (and Sales) with Creative Fragrances

Custom Arts & Crafts Fragrances

Transform ordinary arts and crafts products into a sensory adventure for your customers by adding fun fragrances to match your product color palettes. The more senses your product impacts, the better. Improve your sales by appealing to sense of sight AND smell. Add blueberry to blue markers or pineapple to a page of stickers, and you’ve got a unique selling prop sure to surprise and delight customers. Even funky, hip & retro smells are starting to hit the shelves so consider the possibilities as you test fragrance combinations.

Fragrances are strong but safe for arts and crafts applications.

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Create a sensory experience for both kids and adults
  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • Stickers
  • Modeling Compound
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Arts & Craft Custom Fragrances

Technical Details

Lead times for samples and orders is typically 2-5 business days

Shelf life is typically two years under proper storage conditions.

Available in liquid or powder form.

Use levels can range from 0.1% up to 2.0% or more, but are typically 0.2% up to 0.5%.

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Hear from Happy Horizon
Aromatics Customers

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Horizon Aromatics Testimonials

We just were able to test the fragrance and it worked BEAUTIFULLY.

Composite Manufacturer

The apple is amazing…  Every customer has complimented on the great smell.

Industrial Cleaning Specialist

I’ve already had two people comment and asked me what kind of detergent this is because it smells great.

Residential & Commercial Pressure Washing Customer

You guys are awesome!

Scented Marker Manufacturer

Your sample was super strong…works great…maybe too good.

Dye & Pigment Manufacturer

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