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Answers to Common Questions

How much fragrance should I use?  What is the Minimum Order Quantity?  How long is the typical fragrance shelf life?  Here are answers to our most-asked questions.

1% to 2.0%, and more typically 0.2% to 0.5%.
It depends, but typically not exactly.  Creating an “exact” match means duplicating all the same ingredients at the same addition rates in a fragrance.  Fragrance recipes are complicated typically containing many ingredients, some at minute levels (<0.1%).  Our fragrance duplications are often 90-95% “exact” and work very well when compared in the finished product.  Note: it is important to always test fragrances matches side-by-side in the finished product, and not as supplied.  When required, analytical evaluation of ingredients can be done.
Two (2) years is typical when stored in an unopened container in cool, dry storage conditions.  Exposure to heat, air & moisture decrease shelf life.
Quoted prices contain quantity breaks down to 1LB subject to special terms & conditions.  Non-stock fragrances require an added upcharge for small quantities.
24-48 hours from receipt for most (not all) requests.
Many fragrance ingredients are natural compounds that fluctuate with growing seasons & weather conditions.  Further, synthetic compounds follow corresponding natural ingredient pricing trends and are further subject to currency fluctuations.  We have over 3,000 raw materials that are often supplied just in time & subject to global market cycles.

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