We solve odor problems efficiently & economically by paying attention to several critical, formulation parameters: 

  • Odor Volatility – how fast does the malodor evaporate into the air? 
  • Olfactory – what is the nature & character of the malodor?  
  • Longevity – how persistent is the malodor and how long do you need effective masking?  
  • Application Environment – temperature, ventilation, and how is the product applied?  
  • Formulation Compatibility – pH, water or solvent based, etc.  

Plus, several other special factors might play role.  

Fragrance Applications

Acid Stable Fragrances
Alkaline Stable Fragrances
Candle Fragrances
Detergent Fragrances
Gelled Fragrances
Household Insecticide Deodorants
Masking Agents Fragrances
Natural Leather Scents
Odor Counteractants
Plastics & Polymers Fragrances
Soaps Liquid or Solids Fragrances
Shampoo and Conditioner Fragrances
Solid Fragrances
Textile Deodorants