Natural Leather Scents

Horizon Aromatics has developed several concentrated fragrance compounds obtained from the extraction of natural leather and fortified with the addition of key ingredients obtained from other economical, commercial sources.

They have found wide acceptance in the Plastics, Rubber and Real Leather industries to enhance the aroma of automotive, furniture, luggage, sporting goods and household products.

Chemically stable and having antioxidant properties of their own, these leather scents may be added at any convenient stage of your operation including with other additives.  Typical use levels are 0.2% to 0.6%, although, as much as 1.0% may be needed if strong malodors must be masked.

Due to the physical characteristics of some of the key ingredients, care must be taken to avoid discoloration of white pigmented products.  Prolonged or repeated process heating will drive off some odorant, but losses should not exceed 15%.  The shelf life of our leathers is over one year.


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