Fragrances and Deodorants for Plastics & Polymers

Horizon fragrances hide unpleasant odors in plastics and rubber compounds at low concentrations.  At slightly higher use levels, a pleasant & positive aroma is imparted.  Typical addition rates are 0.1% to 0.5%, which is a great value-benefit to cover unpleasant aromas.

We offer a variety of specially formulated deodorants for neutralizing odors including: plasticizers, PVC, blowing agents, preservatives, recycled rubber & plastics, natural latex, and many more.

Fragrances & deodorants are available in three physical forms: liquid, powder, and bead.  More detailed information is below.  Depending upon the end-use application and fragrance; industrial, cosmetic, and food-contact grades are available.

Liquid Fragrances & Deodorants are concentrated perfume oils incorporated directly into plastic, rubber & vinyl mixtures.  Typical applications include: toys, dolls, novelties, and solid air fresheners.  Deodorization of film products include: shower curtains & liners, tablecloths, waterbeds & mattress covers, baby pants, liners, etc.  Other products requiring “off odor” neutralization include: sporting goods, luggage, & auto interiors.

Liquid fragrances & deodorants are the most economical physical form containing 100% active ingredients. 

Polypowders are dry, free-flowing powders typically containing 56% concentrated fragrance & deodorant.  The carrier is an inorganic synthetic, amorphous silicon dioxide (CAS #112926-00-8), and food grade (FEMA#1115).  It absorbs fragrance oil and aids dispersion in the polymer.  Polypowders are useful when liquid oils are not compatible, or difficult to add in plastics processing.

All Polypowders are MTO with a 25lb MOQ.  Polypowders may opacify the final product. 

Polybeads usually contain 20% concentrated fragrance by weight.  They are the preferred product when liquids & inorganic powders cause mixing and dispersing problems.  Polybeads may also be used “as is” in air fresheners, potpourris, and environmental fragrancing.  Polybeads are dry, EVA beads of uniform size and a softening point of about 88C-110C.  Polybeads are not recommended for use with styrene, K-resin, or polycarbonate systems.

All Polybeads are MTO with a 25lb MOQ.  Cosmetic & Food-grade versions are available.  


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