Solid Fragrances

Horizon fragrances & deodorants are available in three physical forms: liquid, powder, and bead.  Typical addition rates are 0.1% to 0.5%, depending upon physical form & application.  Industrial, cosmetic, and food-contact grades are available.

Polypowders: dry, free-flowing powders typically containing 56% concentrated fragrance & deodorant.  The carrier is an inorganic synthetic, amorphous silicon dioxide (CAS #112926-00-8), and food grade (FEMA#1115).  It absorbs fragrance oil and aids dispersion in the polymer.

All Polypowders are MTO with a 25lb MOQ.  Polypowders may opacify the final product. 

Polybeads: EVA beads of uniform size and a softening point of about 88C-110C.  Polybeads usually contain 20% concentrated fragrance by weight.  They are the preferred product when liquids & inorganic powders cause mixing and dispersing problems.  Polybeads may also be used “as is” in air fresheners, potpourris, and environmental fragrancing.  Polybeads are not recommended for use with styrene, K-resin, or polycarbonate systems.

All Polybeads are MTO with a 25lb MOQ.  Cosmetic & Food-grade versions are available. 

Air Freshener Gels: Gelled Fragrance Technologies makes patented, super-concentrated air freshener gels that are always:

  • Crystal-clear
  • Super-concentrated with over 90% active fragrance
  • Safe & spill-proof

Liquids: the most economical physical form containing 100% active ingredients.  


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