Horizon Aromatics
creates fragrances that overcome offensive odors

Because people don’t want to buy products that smell bad

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Make Products That Stand Out

Boost Sales

Delight Your Customers

Products that smell bad can flop in the market –
even if they’re great products!

As a product formulator, you understand how strong odors in plastic, rubber, paper, glue, leather or paint are often not pretty and not pleasant to smell. You might be used to strong chemical odors. But imagine what your customers think when they purchase a product only to be repelled by the smell. Sometimes, the problem is that your product doesn’t have enough pleasant aroma. Processing can water-down a once-pleasant scent. If customers don’t love the way your products smell, they’ll buy from someone else and that means you’re stuck with:

  • Customer Complaints
  • Stagnant Sales
  • Lost Market Share to Competitors
  • Declining Brand Reputation
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Custom fragrances from Horizon Aromatics are the secret ingredient you’ve been missing

Our expert chemists create fragrances that won’t damage or degrade your products, or create regulatory surprises that you have to fix. Whether you need to enhance great smells or overcome stinky ones, we have fragrances for multiple industries and applications.

  • Leather
  • Lubricants
  • Landfills
  • Garbage Bags
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Floor Care
  • Bleach
  • Detergents
  • Personal Care
  • Candles
  • Air Fresheners
  • Paints & Coatings
Make Products Your Customers Will Love
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Solve Your Malodor Problems with Custom Fragrances

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Try before you buy and find the perfect scent for your formula.

Test it in Your Products

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Create Products Your
Customers Love

Get ready to wow your customers and watch sales numbers soar.

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Customized Fragrances
Delivered Fast

If you want your finished goods to smell pleasant and delight your customers, we can help. We understand the pressure you are under to create great products that boost sales and create loyal customers. We’ve worked with major manufacturers to overcome harsh odors from chemicals, synthetics, rubber, plastics, paint, coatings, adhesives and more. We’ve also put our fragrances to use in consumer products where customers demand a pleasant aroma.

Our fragrances don’t sit on the shelf – we create custom, made-to-order fragrances for every customer. We don’t use fillers, diluents, or extenders so you can rest assured the fragrances will last longer and go further. And we pay attention to changing regulatory and safety standards to help you stay in compliance.

Enhance your products with a custom fragrance so your customers buy over and over again
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The pressure to create products is real
but so is the potential

At Horizon Aromatics, we know you want to be your company’s rockstar product formulator. To do that, you have to create products your customers will love (and continue to purchase). The problem is raw materials for plastic, rubber, glue, paint, and other chemicals smell bad. You have a lot riding on your formulation. People don’t want products that stink, so even a great product can flop in the market if it has a harsh, unpleasant smell. If a product has a pleasant but watered-down smell, it can have the same effect on sales. We understand the pressure you’re under to create great products. Horizon Aromatics creates strong fragrances that overcome stinky odors so you can create products your customers will love.

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Hear from Happy Horizon
Aromatics Customers

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We just were able to test the fragrance and it worked BEAUTIFULLY.

Composite Manufacturer

The apple is amazing…  Every customer has complimented on the great smell.

Industrial Cleaning Specialist

I’ve already had two people comment and asked me what kind of detergent this is because it smells great.

Residential & Commercial Pressure Washing Customer

You guys are awesome!

Scented Marker Manufacturer

Your sample was super strong…works great…maybe too good.

Dye & Pigment Manufacturer