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“I also ran a couple different 12.5% sodium hypochlorite dilutions, 50% and 30%. I was very impressed at the odor masking on the high dilution.”

Residential & Commercial Pressure Washing Customer, April 2019

“Wow this is amazing customer service. I will test a few different options then we will be ordering that from you in the future.”

Industrial Cleaning Specialist, February 2020
“This is great news! You guys are awesome! Since you can ship tomorrow, just ship them how you regularly would…”
Scented Marker Manufacturer, February 2018

“Your sample was super strong… great…maybe to good.”  That’s amazing; hardly anyone says that!

Dye & Pigment Manufacturer, April 2019

We just were able to test the fragrance and it worked BEAUTIFULLY.   

Composite Manufacturer, February 2019

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We hide chemical odors in industrial products…

Solvents, plasticizers, and additives often have unpleasant, chemical odors that create complaints with customers, plant workers, and even neighbors.

We mask unpleasant, chemical odors with fragrance.  That’s we help you succeed with chemists, plant operators, and customers.

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