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Tips for Testing Fragrances

The wrong aroma is like a plant without blossoms.

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Products that smell bad can flop in the market –
even if they’re great products!

strong fragrances that overcome stinky odors

At Horizon Aromatics, our expert chemists help create strong fragrances that are affordable and won’t damage, degrade, or create regulatory surprises you have to fix. Get ready to wow your customers, boost your sales, and become your company’s rock star product formulator.

Here’s the truth: when your products smell bad, your business suffers

  • Customers second-guess product quality
  • Sales stay flat or even worse, plummet  
  • You’re known for bad odor instead of great products 

Our Commitment

At Horizon Aromatics, we know you want to innovate and formulate incredible products. The problem is, strong odors get in the way of customers enjoying what you create. That’s why our team of fragrance experts know exactly how to transform your product into a great-smelling, high-performance asset that will delight customers and get the job done.

We promise to help you overcome powerful odors and deliver consistently great products so you can become the preferred choice and create brand loyalty for life.

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Create Products Your
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